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    Hello, my daughter just finished a quiz in Grade 3, Language Arts Extensions Chapter 1, "Reading Comprehension - Extension" and was told by the computer that she missed 4 questions when in fact, she did not. I was sitting right there the entire time, but thought maybe she clicked the wrong answer so I took the quiz a second time (my daughter wrote down my answers) and it did the same thing to me! This is the second glitch we've occurred since starting our lessons 2 and a half weeks ago. Here are the LA#s as a FYI. Maybe someone could look into the answers.

    The Quiz we had trouble with - Grade 3, Language Arts Extensions Chapter 1, "Reading Comprehension - Extension" Comprehension Tactics: Lesson Quiz. We were told we missed questions 2, [LE3A11 U], 4, [LE3A11 A], 5, [LE3A11 V], and 10 [LE3A11 S]. The other subject we had trouble with last week (I also went through the lesson a second time to double check) was Grade 3, Language Arts Chapter 1, "Vocabulary Skills" Homophones. The part that we correctly answered the question to was where it refers to PAWS and PAUSE. The word you are supposed to choose the definition for is PAWS, but the computer program told us we were wrong. Hopefully someone can work on these two issues!! Thanks!


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    Hi Bethany, These particular topics can be very confusing, as the questions are generally asking for the definition of the synonym or homophone of the word presented. For example, the answer to the question about paws/pause asks for the definition of the homophone of the word paws, which is pause. So the answer is wait. If you have specific questions about these activities, please contact [email protected].

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    I've had this same issue. It will actually tell us the answers are correct, but at the end it says he missed some. Even when its the first attempt. Its very frustrating for him!

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    We are sorry you are having troubles. Please contact support at 888-771-0914 so that we can look up the activity and test it. We need to verify the actual lesson, test, or quiz.

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