issues again today!!
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    Default issues again today!!

    I'm getting the same message today as yesterday. This is really frustrating. We are trying to get our work done and just can't. Please fix it soon. I'm very tired of paying for curriculum we can't use!!

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    The program developers are upgrading their servers, in order to accomodate increased usage. This is why the lessons are intermittently unavailable today.

    In other words, the reason you sometimes can't log in is because they are fixing it.

    I know it's frustrating. I'm having to find other options for five of my children today, too. A certain amount of unscheduled down time is to be expected with an online program, but I'm glad it happens seldom enough with Time4Learning that I can only remember one other time.

    Update to add that we've been able to access all of our lessons with no problem today.

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