Issues with sound
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    Default Sound issues (cannot find the cause)

    It started 2 days ago. My kid cannot hear the lessons, so he has impromtu days off and is extremely happy about it. However, it would be better to solve this issue. The problem is I am not sure about the causes of it. The Flash player updates automatically, and there are no problems when we watch Youtube videos.
    I do not know if I should blame an app I use to clear cookies from Safari ( or something else. May be it has resetted some settings.
    What do I need to check to isolate the issue?
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    Default Re: Issues with sound


    YouTube hasn't run on Flash since 2015, but the fact that you can hear YouTube videos does rule out something being wrong with your speaker settings.

    Remember that Firefox is the recommended browser.

    If you are using Google Chrome, you need to actually go in and enable Flash on Chrome, even if your computer has an updated version.

    Internet Explorer/Edge is not compatible with Time4Learning and you will often experience odd things like this if you are trying to use that browser.

    If none of that seems to be the problem, I think I would try to manually update Flash (be sure to restart your computer after that) instead of trusting the automatic update.

    If that doesn't work, you might want to contact tech support directly, while you are in front of your computer.

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