K Science "Surf the Internet" 2 links didn't work
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    Default K Science "Surf the Internet" 2 links didn't work

    came accross 2 spots in Kindergarten Science lesson "Surf the Internet" that didn't work. Both in Science in Amphipians. First one in Slimey Swap Animals sent my son to a site(funschool website) to play a game on the order of tadpole to frog. The link worked, but there was nothing that showed a tadpole growing into a frog like it said it would.

    The other was is Swamp animal slide show. in the Surf the Internet link it says it will take him to Kendra's Coloring book Website to color a frog. But when you click on the link it says that link doesn't work http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedFo...155/frog1.html

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    We apologize for any inconvenience or difficulty you may have experienced within the program. In order for us to most efficiently assist you, and correct the problem, we will need further information so that we can test the activity and alert the developer, Compass Learning Odyssey, to any issue regarding the activity.

    Activity number: (This can be found by exiting out of the lesson and going into the reports section or can be found in the lesson plans for that subject and level)
    Grade Level of Activity:
    Activity Title:

    Please send your response to: [email protected]. We will test the activity and notify the developer of any problems. We will make our best effort to contact you as quickly as possible.

    Thank you,

    Marie, Time4Learning.com - Customer Support

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