Kids frustrated with the constant distraction voices while figuring problems!
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Thread: Kids frustrated with the constant distraction voices while figuring problems!

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    Angry Kids frustrated with the constant distraction voices while figuring problems!

    Just a comment for the creators... my kids are SUPER frustrated with the characters talking while they are figuring out answers to the questions asked. Especially in Math.
    It will tell them to figure out a problem and while they are writing it out on paper to get the answer the characters talk every 30 seconds or something. It is constant, "this is how you do it" or "if you need more help click such and such" and "no need to rush" "whenever you're ready" and the worst, "weee bigga tigga tigga bigga! I bet that is how your brain sounds right now huh?!" ... blah blah blah blah blah!
    Every time one of them speaks my kids have to stop figuring and look up at the screen and listen. Such a distraction! It takes time away from their work and makes the figuring of the problem that much more difficult for them.
    How about when it tells them to answer a question, turn off the constant voices. It is a pain that my kids have to turn off the volume and then remember to turn it back on for the next explanation..and turn it off again while they are trying to figure the problem.
    My son who already has attention issues can not stand it much longer. He can't learn when he is constantly distracted.

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    I don't think we're in the same math level, but we have similar problems. For example, when a quiz question is read to my son the question seems to go on forever. The question has been stated and then they say, "Answer A. Shape A. Answer B. Shape B. Answer C. Shape C." Just seems kind of annoying at times lol. My son gets frustrated. Sometimes I just read the questions instead. We've tried to cut the audio clip off early before, once we got the gist of the question, but I don't remember if it always lets you.

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    If your students find it distracting when they are figuring our a lesson, perhaps they could turn the sound down or mute it temporarily? At least they could make it quiet. We will pass your feedback on to the developers.

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    We find it annoying too. Our alternatives for now are turning off the volume or I read or they read it. I was wondering if there was a way to be able to skip directions like make it an option to click on directions instead of it speaking them on the same type of lesson, activity, quiz, or test. It takes up time listening to it OVER AND OVER AND OVER. It also makes it less enjoyable for the child. I also agree with the shape thing. Really liking T4L but noticing stuff more and more as time goes on. Thanks for pushing our feedback!

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