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    I have been using the Kindle Fire for math lessons for both of my children without any problems for several months until now. I have just started experimenting with adding in the Language Arts lessons which they are also loving but each lesson(we are using grade 1) has a section entitled High Frequency Words that is basically a game that they cannot play on a tablet. The only instructions given for this game require a keyboard while all other parts of the curriculum work with the touch screen. Is this really the case? I have looked forward to the next levels and these games are still present which means that they will not be able to play them either which has been very disappointing. Please tell me I just don't know how to show them what to do. Thank you.

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    The Time4Learning program was designed to work on PC's, and unfortunately, it will not work consistently on tablets without apps specific to each product. If you have had some success with the Kindle, I would suggest contacting the manufacturer and asking them if they have any solutions for keyboarding.

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