LA015 - arrow keys aren't working
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    Default LA015 - arrow keys aren't working

    First grade lesson LA015 (High frequency words: this, had, was) with the crab... the arrow keys don't work to move the crab to the words.

    I tried the "regular" arrow keys as well as the number pad (NumLock off), as well as the mouse, and nothing will work to move that silly crab!

    One kid was able to complete the lesson a while back, second kid was working on it today, and third kid hasn't gotten that far yet. Wondering if this will be fixed soon so Thing 2 and Thing 3 can finish their lessons?


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    You will need to update your Adobe Flash player, which you may do by following the instructions below. If you still find you have this problem please email us at [email protected] so we can locate your account and complete the activity for you. We are aware of the issue and have forwarded the information to the developer to fix.

    Flash is a base technology that we use for audio and visual effects. Sometimes computers need to update or reinstall their flash player. If you are unable to hear the lessons and/or are not able to see all graphics, most likely your flash player needs to be updated.
    Click here for more information and/or to update your flash:

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