Looking For Simulated High Stakes Assessments
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    Default Looking For Simulated High Stakes Assessments

    Can you please tell me where the simulated high stakes assessment questions are? Can that section provide approximate assessment of my child's skill levels in math and language arts? Or do I need to look somewhere else to have that done? Thanks.

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    The simulations can be found in the lesson plans. To do a quick search try this...

    Hit "control" and "f" at the same time. This will bring up the "find" function. Then type into the little text area the phrase "state simulation". Then hit "find next" or "highlight all" and this will show you where these activities are located. Then you can use the LA code to jump right to them. ( Click here for instructions on how to use the LA Codes )

    These simulation activities aren't meant to be used as a diagnostic tool though. They are simply activities that present the types of questions a student might see on a state assessment test. This is just meant to give the students some practice with these types of questions.

    T4L doesn't provide any sort of state assessment.

    Hope this helps!

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