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    My son was accepted at the Medical Charter School I have been trying to get him in to for 2 years now (dances)

    Anyway, I have to re-enroll him in traditional school which requires I print out his grades (?)

    Do I just print out all of the assignments and tests that he did last year so that they can be evaluated by the school district?

    I don't want to mess this up and have until Monday to get this part taken care of.


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    Thank you for contacting us.

    Time4Learning members have access to certain tools such as worksheets, answer keys, teaching guides and student records. These tools are only available through the parent administration page.

    Once logged in to your parent administration account, you will need to click on the student records tab. From here, next to your child''''s name, under where it says “Details,” click on “More.” This will bring up the link for the student records. You will need to click on that link, which will open the records section in a new window or tab.
    When you first click in to the records section, you will be taken to the recent work area. This shows all work accessed, both complete and incomplete, for the past month.
    To generate a report, which will give you the most information, and allow you to pull work from more than one month ago, you will need to click on the “Reports” tab. From here, you will need to input a few different criteria for which you wish to pull a report for. First, you need to select the report type from the drop down, and you will want to select “student score report.” After that, you will select the subject you wish to pull a report for. You can either select All or a specific subject.
    Subjects include LA Extensions, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science and Honors Algebra.
    Next, you will need to select an activity type, or all. Once these three areas have been selected, you can then enter the report time frame. You can select one week, one month, or a date range.
    Once all areas have been selected, you can now hit the generate button. Please keep in mind that if you are pulling a report for a long time period, it may take a few minutes for the report to generate. If you would like to print the report, you will need to click on the “View as PDF” button from the upper right. This will open the report in a PDF file that you can either print out or save to your computer.
    Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Marie,Time4Learning.com Customer Service
    [email protected]
    (954) 771-0914

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