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    Default Manage Activity Planner

    The system will not allow me to delete plans no longer in use. It allows me to change which one is the default plan but it won't eliminate the other plans from the list of plans created, even though there is a delete button. How can I/you resolve this?

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    Hi Amuzon1,
    Any luck with this yet? My son just started on the program yesterday so still learning how to navigate through all of this, but I need to delete a plan and I click on delete, but nothing happens. Thanks

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    What exactly is happening when you go to delete a plan? After you click on "Delete", there should be a little popup stating that the planner has successfully been deleted.

    If you have old planners, it may look like they're not deleting, but they are. "Manage Planners" only shows the most recent 3 planners that have been created. If there are more than that on the account, they won't show up until some have been deleted.

    If you're still having this issue, I would advise to give us a call at our office so that one of our representatives can take a look at the Activity Planner on your account to see what might be happening.

    Our number is (888) 771-0914. Our hours are:
    Monday-Thursday: 8:30am-8:30pm EST
    Friday: 8:30am-6pm EST

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