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    Default Math frustration

    This is our very first day with Time4Learning and it is not going well at all. My son started with the first lesson in math which is addition and subtraction. To enter his answers, he has to enter one digit, hit backspace, enter another digit, hit backspace, etc. Is there an easier way to do this? He is going to lose interest really quickly if this is how the program works. Help!

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    I remember really appreciating that feature when my kids were younger. I had wondered how they would ever learn to do math from right to left without writing it on paper. We are accustomed to just typing things out quickly on a computer but, when doing math, it really does help to slow down and "work" the problem, instead of having a "just-type-in-the-answer" mentality. I ended up feeling this was a really well-thought-out aspect of the program.

    You could have him copy them and do them on paper, but he would still have to type them "backwards" on the computer. After going through Time4Learning math, my younger kids definitely never forget to start in the ones' column! (My older ones, who did "paper" math, were always having that problem.)

    I hope thinking of it that way helps alleviate the frustration a bit.

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