Math LAs - 6th grade
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    Default Math LAs - 6th grade

    I printed out a copy of the 6th grade lesson plans so I could track my son's progress by matching up the lesson plan with the activities he had done for that day, and then plan for the next day.

    However, with the 6th grade math, the LA #s listed on the "recent works" page doesn't match the LA #s listed on the lesson plan. For example: 40969 is listed on the student detail, but I can't find anything resembling that, or the subject in the lesson plan. The lesson plan has most of them listed as MA6---.


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    Good Afternoon,

    Sometimes the test and quizzes have a different number assigned to them, as they actually are pulled from a pool of questions, therefore there aren't two quizzes that would have the same number. Please call Time4Learning Customer Support to help you figuring out the Student Score Reports.


    Thank you,


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