Mistakes with quizzes.
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    Default Mistakes with quizzes.

    Hello there,I have been a paying member of time4learning for awhile now. My child has taken 2 quizzes in social studies recently and he has noticed mistakes and things that make no sense.

    In the activity quiz for President Washington there are questions that do not follow the lesson what so ever they are for the next lesson. Also in the activity quiz for Diplomacy with Europe there is a mistake. There is a question that only says King Louis XVI the choices are (a. He admired the revolution's principles (b. He was suspicious of the leaders of the revolution (c. He felt it was a much better revolution than the American Revolution (d. He was frighten by the lower class's involvement in the revolution.

    Now I looked at the answer key for the quiz and it states it is (a. But in the lesson it states nothing like this but instead it says that Thomas Jefferson stated (a. not King Louis XVI. I ask of you that you please fix this mistake it can really confuse quite a bit of students and have them make a mistake that really isn't there fault and of course the other quiz with questions for the Diplomacy with Europe quiz. Please fix this.

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    We will pass on your feedback to out developer. Social Studies is offered as bonus content for 2nd to 7th- grade.
    Depending on your state's requirements you may need to supplement for these grade levels.

    If this is for a High School student, please email our support team the activity number or name. [email protected]

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