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    Default Moving

    I sent an e-mail out earlier in the week but did not hear back, it is the first time T4L has not responded in 24 hours to my inquiries.
    If any of you have moved while using T4L maybe you will know the answer.

    After moving and setting up with a new internet service in the new town, how do you log on to T4L? I mean do we need the same internet address? Since my daughter does not have to put in her e-mail when she logs in, just her name and password, will everything stay the same?

    Also in billing, since it is on our charge card do we need to change anything in the personals section?

    Thanks from an Air Force wife who is not sure she is up to all this moving around.

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    Hi Carla,

    Usually if we receive your email, we'll respond within 24 hours, it may not have come through our system, for whatever reason, sometimes it happens through no fault of anyone (blame the internet!)

    Your daughter's username and password will actually work on any computer with an active internet connection, from any location. Also, everything with your T4L account and billing willl stay the same. You can update your new address/ email address/phone number through the parent log in screen (just click "update my information") whenever it's convenient, no rush!

    Good luck with your move and new home,


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