MS Agent is not working.
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    Default MS Agent is not working.


    Im new here and we started today , but we downloaded peedy because the rest is not working.
    how do we get ms agent to work.

    We really need this because my english is not that good, and i don't want to teach my daughter the wrong pronunciation.
    Please can anyone help me.
    thank you very much.

    We have windows 7


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    Vera peedy doesnt work anymore.
    windows 7's TTS default should be microsoft anna. she pronounces words very clear, you can set it up to read text, from ur computer control panel, find the speech, then text to speech, you will see which one is available to you.
    It pronounces words very clear, unlike microsoft sam and others.
    there are voices you can purchase for clearer pronounciation.

    or u can try downloading
    you will find peedy character there
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