Multiple technical problems and encountering wrong info. Very upset.
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    Angry Multiple technical problems and encountering wrong info. Very upset.

    Is anyone else getting fed up with the constant technical problems (freezing, not loading, not marking as complete) and incorrect info or statements that the student answers are wrong when they are not? I have written multiple notes through the "message" app and have not recieved one reply. Perhaps that is not working either. I really enjoy the structure of this program as it gives me a lot of flexibility, but I am quite close to hanging it up. My son has asperger's and does not handle all of these interruptions well, and gets upset when he is told he is wrong when he is not. I don't think any kid does, really! Is there anyway I can get some help with these issues? Anyone else encountering this?


    Ann R.

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    Hi Ann,
    Have you contacted support about the troubles you are having? They are there to help you solve any of those pesky technical issues! They answer any email to [email protected] within 24 hours and you can call them if you need to, for phone support. I know that the site was slow some of the time last week and that could cause some of the issues you have mentioned, but I think that the technical support people could help you better if you contact them directly. I am sure it is very frustrating, but sometimes it just takes a couple of tweaks and things will work better!
    Best of luck

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