Need help with some functions on a tablet
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    Default Need help with some functions on a tablet

    I have a Nook HD+ tablet and am having a little issue I could use help with. I run T4L in an app called flashfox pro and the videos, lessons and quizzes/test work fine. However, when there are certain interactives inside the lessons (word searches and drag and drop activities) we can't do them. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get these to work on the tablet?

    We don't use the tablet every day (most days we are on the computer) but there are days I need to be able to use the tablet without having to worry about whether we can do the entire lessons.

    Any help is appreciated.
    Thank you

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    The program is designed as a flash based program so you will need to have a tablet that will support Adobe flash technology. We are unable to test the program on the newer tablets so we can not guarantee the program will work. We suggest that you try to run the demos on the website and if they appear to work on the tablet then you should be able to also run the program. In the mean time, you may want to call the developer of your device to see if they have an app you can purchase to make your device flash friendly.

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    Are you trying to use the touch screen to drag and drop? I don't think it will work. Can you use a mouse with the Nook?
    If not you might want to leave those lessons until you are on the computer.

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