No teaching guides, answer keys, etc available?
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    Default No teaching guides, answer keys, etc available?

    I changed my student's grade level this morning, from kinder to 1st grade. Following the change and confirmation notice, I went onto the lesson plan area of the parent admin and all of the icons for the teaching guides and answer keys and lessons have the "None Available" "N" icon instead of the apple, etc. Is this a typical thing that happens and will resolve within a day or two of changing grade levels or is it something I should send a message to support about?
    Thanks a bunch!

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    Hi Monica,

    The tools vary from subject to subject and grade to grade. The lesson plans give detailed synopsis of the lesson activities and any additional resources that may be available.

    Currently, there are 22 teaching guides available in first grade Language Arts Extensions.There are also 102 worksheets available for first grade math.

    If you have any further questions, please contact us or check out our Hints.

    Thank You,

    Marie, - Customer Service

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