Not able to reach T4L via telephone for assistance
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    Default Not able to reach T4L via telephone for assistance

    I just started using T4L and had some questions about the student portfolio and the Activity scheduler. I attempted to contact T4L yesterday and left a message and since I did not receive a call back called again. Today I was not able to reach them as the number is not in service or it says call back later and hangs ups. I have tried numerous time.

    I scheduled in the schedule for a start today but then I went back in and made the start for Monday 10/13/14. It shows the start of 10/9/14 and starts the work there. (obviously she started today though)

    Also in the portfolio when I am looking at what is done it shows some of the same activities as a completed blue page and some as a half blue page which to me shows that it is a half done activity? Also she has been working on the work all day but it does not give time to show that. I guess I am confused as to what I am looking at.

    Thanks if anyone can shed light on any of this. I am sorry if this is confusing because as you can tell I am confused.

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    I think we spoke over the phone already after our power out age ended. Please let us know if you need any more assistance.


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