Odyssey Portfolio not working!
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    Angry Odyssey Portfolio not working!

    So i cleared out all the cache in my history(not my favorites list-i still need those), and i STILL keep getting that darn "Odyssey login screen . How the heck do i do this crap?? I'm frustrated!! I am NOT pc savvy so i'm pretty darn pc stupid! Just can't seen to figure all this high tech junk! Please show me how to set this junk up the right way! Or heck..I'll let ya do it for me!! I don't care..but we NEED this portfolio working and running so The local public school doesn't make me re-enroll my daughter in their crazy brick and mortar school i just pulled her from!!! [email protected]
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    HI. We understand your frustration. Usually clearing the cache will take care of the issue. The other option is to add a list of trusted websites to your browser, which I will email to you.

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