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    My son has used OW and handed in for grading, but when it is returned (shows as flashing icon), I can't seem to open the assignment and review the grade given. After trying and exiting, I can't seem to open it again. The icon is no longer "clickable". Also, when he does use OW, it never seems to exit properly, going very slow...Any help would be appreciated.

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    You can retrieve any odyssey writer assignments by opening the odyssey writer icon from your launch pad and selecting it from your list. You can also open up your odyssey writer projects from your portfolio reports section.

    Once you open up your returned assignment, you may need to hit the F11 key on your keyboard. The F11 key will expand the page to view what options you have in the bottom right hand corner. These options are comment, rubric and grade. By selecting comment you can see comments on your writing and by selecting grade you will see the grade you were given for that assignment. We do not use the rubric.
    When exiting the odyssey writer you will need to either close down your browser window completely or try the F5 key on your key board.

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