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    Default odyssey writer help

    Im new and noticed yesterday that this odyssey writer thing just pops up sometimes and when we try to click on it there will be a username and password and when we type ours in it says its wrong, also we cant get peedy the parrot to work either!!!! So frustrating because ive downloaded everything like they said, it just doesnt seem to work for us!

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    If an Odyssey page with a rocketship and log-in section appears, that mean you need to clear the cache on your computer. To clear your computer's cache, click on 'Tools' on your browser's top navigation bar, and then go to Internet Options. Another window will pop up - click the browsing history delete button, and then delete the ccokies and temporary internet files. After you do both of these, then turn your computer off for a minute or two and turn turn it back on and log into the site again.

    For the Peedy the Parrot issue, click here to read more about how to install him correctly, and to get him work properly.

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