Odyssey Writer malfunctioning?
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    Default Odyssey Writer malfunctioning?

    Maybe we just don't know what we are doing and it's simply our settings but my son was using the Odyssey Writer for the first time today and he was getting very frustrated because when he would try to click mid sentence or paragraph to correct something as simple as spelling (deleting a letter/replacing letters) for instance and it would start erasing his sentences on the right. It's extremely frustrating! Any ideas/advice/tips on how to fix this?? Thank you!

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    Unhappy Re: Odyssey Writer malfunctioning?

    I was wondering if you figured out the answer to your Odyssey problem? I am too having the same issue and we cannot save the file or even submit to parent dashboard....we have read the step by step instructions and still NO LUCK!!! Did you have any luck with saving file, preventing work from being deleted or submitted to parent dashboard for grading. Any help would be appreciated for as this is holding us up.. Thank You So Much!!

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    Default Re: Odyssey Writer malfunctioning?

    The issue the original poster is having sounds like a problem with their specific computer. What kind of device are you using, how stable is your Internet connection, and could you have a virus that is interrupting your experience?

    Allinit, your student needs to click the "Hand In" button at the top when they are ready to submit the lesson. They then click on any fictitious teacher or other option from the list (it doesn't matter what they choose) and the lesson will be marked as completed. When you check their student reports, you will notice an Odyssey Writer assignment (they are designated by a specific icon), and you will see that there is an N/A where you would expect the grade to be. You click on the N/A to view or print the assignment and grade it manually (much as you do any worksheets you choose to use).

    I hope that helps clear up some confusion!

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