Odyssey Writer? Is there a teacher tool or how to use anywhere?
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Thread: Odyssey Writer? Is there a teacher tool or how to use anywhere?

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    Default Odyssey Writer? Is there a teacher tool or how to use anywhere?

    The daughter is using the odyssey writer tool for the first time. Is there a guide anywhere explaining how to use it and the controls?
    She is trying to do the assignment. It gave some very long assignment instructions and now she can't get them back to do the lesson.
    Is there a teacher/parent view to get into the tool so I can figure out how to work it? It seems to only show up on her login while she is doing that one lesson.

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    The Odyssey Writer is a word processing component that students can access to respond to prompts within the program or to generate an original piece of writing. Within the Odyssey Writer, there are several tools for children to use for prewriting and editing strategies, from graphic organizers to note cards. Parents can access a rubric through the Odyssey Writer to assess student writing samples.

    How do I start an Odyssey Writer Assignment?
    Odyssey Writer activities are located throughout the language arts lessons. When opening the activity, the instructions/writing prompts will appear. Before you can begin you will need to hit the Close button located in the lower right hand corner of your screen. If, by chance, you cannot see the Close icon, hit F11 on your keyboard.
    “Optional” Tools Available

    Note Cards

    The Note Card tool allows students to type “notes” for their project on electronic note cards. The note cards form an outline for students to use when writing their projects. Students can add their own note cards, manipulating and deleting them as desired.

    Graphic Organizer

    A graphic organizer is a prewriting tool that students may use to link ideas together. Students create and position idea boxes in a manner that will help them determine the flow of ideas for their writing project. Its contents are synchronized with the Note Card tool and are displayed in the Outline tab.

    Saving a File:
    A child can begin writing a document and come back to it at a later point to finish. In order to save a piece of writing, the child must click on file and then click save.
    When the save box appears, the child must type in a title for the writing sample and then click okay.

    Note: Saving a document does not make it mark as complete in the reports section. Students must “hand in” writing samples in order for them to mark as complete in “My Portfolio.”

    Opening a Saved File:
    To open a saved file, click on file. Then, click on open in the drop down menu. Click on the title of the project, which will highlight it in green. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click open. This will open the document so that the child can add or make changes to what they already have.

    Handing in a File:
    In order for a writing assignment to mark as complete, it must be handed in. Students can hand in finished projects by clicking on the last icon in the orange toolbar that indicates a hand holding a piece of paper. A screen will appear that asks which teacher the child would like to hand the assignment into. Any teacher can be selected, this simply marks it as complete. Grading is the responsibility of the parent. The child will scroll down and click send at the bottom of the screen.


    To exit out of the Odyssey Writer activities correctly, click on the Exit icon located in the upper right hand corner. If the page appears as though it is loading and does not exit, try hitting your F5 key to refresh the page. This should bring you back to the launchpad. If that does not work, hit the Back Button. If all work was saved and handed in before exited, it will appear in the reports section as completed.

    Parents are responsible for the actual grading of a child’s writing assignment. To access the finished, work go into the recent work of the progress reports and click on the hyper-linked N/A next to the name of the lesson. By clicking on the checkmark icon, a rubric will appear that gives descriptions of how to grade a sample, based on the areas of content, idea development, voice, and conventions. Parents can then print out the work and write the grade on it for keeping in your paper portfolio. Please note that you will not be able to save the grade in the online reports section.

    If you have any further questions, please contact us or check out our Hints.
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    You cannot enter a grade for a writing assignment? Why in the world does it have a "grade" box? This needs to be updated in order to make it a bit easier. Printing, grading, and saving in a portfolio is overly complicated. I am a professor for a traditional university and one online and technology has come far enough that we should be allowed to enter the grade in the grade box that is provided. That makes zero sense.

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    We apologize for any inconvenience or difficulty you may have experienced within the program. We lease this curriculum from a developer called CompassLearning and we are not able to make immediate changes to program.The grading function is used by teachers in schools and only allows them to assign one lesson at a time to their entire class. Since Time4Learning is a home-based curriculum, the grading feature is not functional for home use.

    If you have any further questions, please contact us or check out our Hints.

    Time4Learning.com, Customer Support
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