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    Default offline reading materials

    In level 3 extension chapters the book James and the Giant Peach is required for activity 3167 but it is not listed in the offline reading materials list.
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    Thanks for the information. The reading list is provided by the developers and it has been brought to our attention that some books are not included. However, we'll be happy to add the book you listed. If you happen to find any other books not listed in the reading materials list, feel free to list them here. Thanks again!

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    Ok this REALLY ticks me off!! This message is from JUNE and it is now NOVEMBER and I just sent the SAME message to support about the same book last week!! Then today we came across 2 more books that are NOT on the offline reading list in 3rd Grade Language Arts Extensions- Eleanor Roosevelt, A Life of Discovery by Russel Freedman and Boy:Tales of Childhood by Roald Dahl.

    I am SO tired of the same tagline excuse EVERY single time I write to support about something "T4L is licensed from Odyssey Learning blah, blah, blah"! Certainly the teachers on the Odyssey Learning side are not having these issues, so the information is available. Someone at T4L is making money off our subscriptions, so EARN it by doing your homework and making sure your customers have ALL the information we need to utilize your product effectively!!

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    Hello Beth,

    We do apologize if this is causing you hardship! The reading list is actually a relatively new piece of information that was added to the parent page in our efforts to constantly improve the program. It is unfortunate that the developer's list was incomplete. As you know Time4Learning leases the curriculum from the developer, CompassLearning. We try to be as up to date with information as we can, however, we are dependent on them for that information. We will certainly contact them and see if there is a more up to date list that we can provide for you. We did email you a list of suggested offline reading. We will be in touch with any information we can pass on.


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