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    Default Options for lessons? Help!

    We are new to T4L and one one hand we LOVE it, on the other we are going crazy. My youngest child is using the program for K level work. Some of the work seems appropriate, while some of it he is beyond bored with. Identifying colors for instance, he has known all his colors since he was 2, so identifying colors is boring for him leading him to lose interest! Is there any way for the parent to skip parts but mark them as completed to prevent the system from leaving them "undone?"

    Also another HUGE problem...so big in fact we may not do another month is the repetitive instructions. There has GOT to be a way to turn these off! Please tell me there is. Most children don't need to be told exactly HOW to color a coloring page every time they get one or be reminded every 30 seconds to click the arrow to move on. Lessons that should take 5 minutes take 15 minutes because of all the repetitive instructions and the repetitive instructions are causing my child to tune out.

    Please tell me there is a way to disable the instructions and skip assignments.

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    We are sorry you are finding some of the lessons not as user friendly for your child. Time4Learning does supply you with the entire year's worth of curriculum, but since you are acting as your child's teacher you definitely can choose to skip some of the lessons if you wish. The lessons are correlated to state standards so if you find that your child is repeatedly bored it could be that he is ready to move beyond the kindergarten curriculum. The nice thing about the Time4Learning program is that it is so flexible. You can have your child in different grade levels for different subjects. You actually have access to a grade above right now, if you wish to try it out. Just click on a subject and in the upper right hand corner you can choose a different grade level to try.

    As far as speeding up or skipping through lessons, that is not possible. And the only way for a lesson to mark as complete is if you go into the lesson and go all the way through it. That is the way the developer has it up and there is no way to circumvent that system. If you have additional questions regarding the use of the curriculum your best bet is to contact support directly at [email protected]. The support staff can look up your account and assist you with whatever you need.


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