Playground Window Closes
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    Default Playground Window Closes

    This has only happened a couple times but it's annoying. My son will be in the "Playground" area playing a game when suddenly the playground program will just shut down and disappear. I don't mean it says "times up", I mean the window closes and is gone. This usually will occur after he's been in the playground for only three or four minutes, and we have the time limit set for fifteen minutes.

    When the Playground window disappeares were right back at the "click here to enter" screen or whatever it says. I thought it was just our computer, but it just recently happened while my son was doing work on a friend's computer.

    Any suggestions on why this might be happening?

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    Default playground issue

    It almost sounds like a browser issue. What browser are you using? Perhaps if you try another browser it won't happen anymore. Also, I don't think the time your son got kicked out of an activity on a different computer is related. If it continues please contact [email protected]. All of your questions are answered within 24 hours.

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