PreK Reports & Scoring Questions PLEASE HELP!
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    Default PreK Reports & Scoring Questions PLEASE HELP!

    I am trying to find out what exactly these reports mean. If my child completes an activity and gets them all wrong will it give me a one in the number started but a zero in the number completed?? Or will both have a number 1 in them no matter how he actually scored? I am trying to find out if I need to watch him to be sure he completes the answers correctly or does it tell me somewhere?? He is already 5 and flying through most of this but I wanted him to begin here to be sure he really gets the concepts before moving on. Also when will report printing be available?? Thanks!
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    HI. There are no scores within the prek program. The number under 'number started' simply shows how many times the student went into the activity, and 'number completed' shows how many times they completed a particular activity. We hope to have report printing available soon. For now, you can simply print the reports page.

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