Prevent clicking through lesson without doing the work?
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    Question Prevent clicking through lesson without doing the work?

    My son and I are new to T4L and still figuring out how it all works. We're in Budapest and our internet connection is a bit slow. As a result, my son sometimes clicks the "next" arrow multiple times thinking that the site didn't catch his first click. Yesterday I noticed that he had accidentally clicked through an entire lesson without doing any of the actual work. The green arrow also moved to the next lesson so it looked like he had completed it even though he had only clicked through it. The lesson appears as 'complete' in the reports, but the score shows "N/A", which is the only way I caught the problem.

    Is there a way to prevent this (i.e. not move the green arrow to the next lesson until he does the actual work and gets a score)?


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    Hi Joecross98,

    Not all activities are scored activities, so the N/A that you are seeing is likely a non-scored activity. In the lesson plans, there are icons that will help determine if an activity is a scored activity or not.


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