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    Hello. I'm new and trying to get set up so I can get things organized and ready for my son to work on the lessons after school. I plan to use T4L to reenforce his lessons from class each day. My question is how can I preview the lessons without it showing up on his report? I tried clicking on the "home" button as instructed in the start up guide, but my previewed lessons still show up on his report.

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    If you don't mark the lessons as completed during your preview, they won't appear in your student's report. Here is information about marking the various lesson types as completed.

    There are several tabs in your student's portfolio. It defaults to the Recent Work tab. ALL program access appears here . . . incomplete work, parent previews, and things that were clicked on for "just a second". It's a great place to do a quick check on program access. Information is available beneath the Recent Work tab for a maximum of thirty days.

    You want to look beneath the actual Reports tab to view your student's report. Since only COMPLETED work appears there, your previews won't show up. Information should be available beneath the Reports tab indefinitely. Since nothing is foolproof, however, Time4Learning recommends printing a weekly report for your student. They can be customized in a variety of ways. I like to print mine by subject, and then my kids can enjoy their weekly "report cards".

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