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    Default Print out lessons

    We have just (almost) completed our first year with T4L, and I are going back over the units to make sure they are all completed.
    Is there any way to print out the lessons themselves, or the material which the lessons are based on?
    I am asking because we noticed that there are a few 4th grade chapter tests in social studies that were either not completed or not marked as completed. We would like to print out the materials so he could review them and take the test without having to go back through every unit.
    To summarize, is there any way to print out the lesson material?

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    Unfortunately,the lesson activities are not designed to be printed out, the lessons are interactive on the computer.The only printable resources throughout the material are the worksheets/answer keys and the lesson plans.

    Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

    Marie,, Customer Support

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