Problem with 6th grade math lesson
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    Default Problem with 6th grade math lesson

    I was wondering if anybody else is having a problem with the 6th grade math lesson MA6751.

    When the lesson switches to the screen showing Lord Rodington, some of the graphics are missing. We can see the background and upper body of Lord Rodington but no lower body or chair (the sound is fine). When the screen changes to the picture of the castle grounds and garden plots, everything seems fine again. When the screen changes to the actual explanation with graphics we have no graphics at all while the sound continues with the explanation of the lesson.

    I tried to access the lesson on my laptop and can't even go that far. After the monkeys run across the screen the animation and sound disappears. All I see is the window frame of the lesson and a dark gray screen where the animation should be.

    I checked the security settings of the internet explorers and both computers are set to the default of Medium high.

    Following a link from the forum to the Adobe website, I followed their instructions and changed the "Download Signed ActiveX controls" and "Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins" options to "Prompt"; but that did not make a difference. Then I added the learning odyssey to the safe website list on the internet explorer of my son's computer, but that did not make a difference, either.

    This seems to be the only learning activity we are having this problem (I tried the next and it ran fine.), i thought about skipping it; but am afraid that my son will be missing information he will need later on.

    I don't know what else I could try, especially since other lessons run fine.

    I would appreciate any and all input.



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    Default Re: Problem with 6th grade math lesson

    Nicole, my account is on hold right now - by choice - need money I couldn't access our lessons. Hopefully your probably is just a temporary glitch. Sometimes we restart the computer if things aren't working exactly right, and they set themselves. We haven't had many problems, but the LA lessons in sixth have, on occasion, locked up. We have skipped one or two, and another one or two worked later. I don't remember exactly, but the numbers are very low. I don't think we have had any trouble with the math lessons....

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    Default Re: Problem with 6th grade math lesson

    Hi Nicole -

    It sounds like you might need to update your Flash player.

    Flash is a base technology that we use for audio and visual effects. If you are unable to hear the lessons and/or are not able to see all graphics, most likely you need a more recent version than the one on your computer.

    To update your flash, click here.

    If you continue to have trouble, please feel free to email [email protected]

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