problem with answering 7th grade LA extensions
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    Default problem with answering 7th grade LA extensions

    My son today was doing LA Extensions Main idea supporting details under details 2 section, here is the problem

    He would type in an answer such as stadiums and hit enter then it would pop up and say type in stadiums or television, so he would retype in stadiums and it still popped up telling him to put in stadiums or television so I had him type in television and it did it again. It will not let him go on even though he has repeatedly typed in the correct answers. So I am having him skip this for now. Just wanted to bring this to someones attention. Thanks Dayna
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    We have occasionally come across similar issues with the 7th grade LA extensions. I don't know what to make of it. Some of them are certainly quirky. Sometimes it even starts to take you through the lesson all over again. It doesn't happen too often, though.

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    I went through this whole activity. To get to that point, your son was almost finished, so at least he isn't missing a whole lot by skipping it.

    Once, when a similar thing happened to us, I realized my daughter had accidentally typed a space before typing the rest of her answer. Since the computer "thought" the space was a character and "knew" the correct answer didn't begin with that character, it was marked incorrect. We eliminated the space and it accepted her answer.

    Since it's working correctly for me, I'm afraid I can't say "why" this happened to your son. It's good that you reported it, though, because it helps to know if multiple people are having problems with the same lesson.

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