problem with previewing lessons
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    Question problem with previewing lessons

    So I read I could preview the lessons and it wouldn't show on my daughters reports if I exited by the top left home button. But, every lesson I tried now says incomplete I haven't even introduced her to the site and it already looks like she's a drop out

    Is there any way to clear all the lessons and start over??? How do I preview the lessons without it showing up???? We are new to home school she actually doesn't start until 3/5 I just wanted to know what I was doing before I tried to teach her. also how do i figure out her grade level I put in third because that's where she is in school but is there a way to test her level.

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    When you preview a lesson and exit by way of the home button, the activity will show as incomplete in recent work section, which only keeps track of the past month, however, it will not show in a generated report.

    Please contact support directly at [email protected] so that they may fully assist you in resetting the account.

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