Hello there I am not sure but I think the other post I made somehow didn't get posted so I am reposting it.

My children and I have noticed mistakes with some of your quizzes. My 15 year old son in high school noticed mistakes with 2 of your U.S. History 1 quizzes. The first mistake is in the activity quiz for President Washington. It has questions which are for the next lesson. Also in the next lesson there is one question that has a mistake in it. In the Diplomacy with Europe activity quiz one question says King Louis XVI That's it. that is all it says and the choices for answers on it are (a. He admired the principles of the revolution. (b. He was suspicious of the revolution's leaders. (c. He felt it was better than the American Revolution (d. He was frighten by the lower class's involvement in the revolution.

Now, the most sensible answer would be (d. yet it is (a. that is correct Thomas Jefferson is the only one that is stated in the lesson to have admired the revolution's principles.

Now with my sixth grader in math on Rounding and Estimating decimals there are 3 mistakes. The first one is in this question. Estimate 16.12 / 3.1 the answer for it is 5.2 but....there is no estimating here it is literally just if you divide 16.2 by 3.1! The second mistake is in this question Estimate. 15.12 + 78.88 Both 93 (Which you state is incorrect) and 95 are reasonable estimates they are both 1 away from the answer which is 94.

Now the final one is Estimate the difference of 450.012 and 57.876 to the nearest hundredth. The correct answer is 392.14 yet you state that it is 392.13. 392.136 rounded to the nearest hundredth does not round to 392.13!

I ask of you to fix these mistakes. Please.