Report not showing all assignments that were done.
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    Default Report not showing all assignments that were done.


    Are there some assignments/work that won't show up in the tasks completed? For instance when I check to see what my son did for the day, I will see the work that was done under "Recent Work", however when I go & check later on using a date range in the same area, the work I know I saw that was listed under recent work, doesn't show under a date range report


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    Work will show up on the recent work and not on the progress report if it is not completed. On the recent work tab if the icon following the name of the lesson is only half blue, the lesson is not marked as complete. Many times the reason a lesson is not marked as complete is because it was not exited out of properly. Please be sure that your child is always using the exit button to get out of a lesson. Exit buttons can appear in different places depending on the activity. Check out the hints section (there is a link on the homepage or any login page) on the website for specifics - "why is my lesson not marking complete"

    If you need additional help contact [email protected] directly and they can help you.


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