Reports - viewable data versus PDF data
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    Default Reports - viewable data versus PDF data

    We've been in T4L officially a month today (woo-hoo) and so I decided to generate my first report. Something really threw me. Online, it said that there were 4 pages but when I click on the PDF button, it created 8 pages. It looks like there is more data in the PDF file than online. Could that be the case? If so, shouldn't there be some sort of message to alert a parent of the difference or that there is more data than can be displayed? I used the month range and not a custom date range.



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    Default Re: Reports - viewable data versus PDF data

    Hey Nancy,
    I double checked myself, but there is any difference in the data. I also got 4 pages online and 7 when I printed.
    This isn't unusually in internet printing in general, and actually what is nice, is they have two different print formatting.
    So if you look at the bottom of Page 1 online you'll see that this will be somewhere on probably your page 2.
    There are several reasons but essentially they are formatted different (imagine as if the web ones were printed on legal size sheets and the PDF on 8x11).
    Personally I like the PDF better because the font size is quite large on the web report (14pt). And I don't like the fact I have to scroll and have pages. It would probably be less confusing if they made the web one totally continous without pages ... but imagine what that would look like over a year.


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