Resetting a course?
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    Default Resetting a course?

    I had my ds complete the 6th grade science & social studies curriculum in 7th grade without thinking he could continue to use the curriculum in 8th grade also. Is there any way to reset the two courses in whole or in part for him to do those again or should he just go through them like a review and keep up with where he is at?

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    We can only reset an entire account. We can't reset just one specific subject. Going through as a review is a great idea! Did he do the worksheets the first time through? That might be something he could work on if he didn't. (located in your parent login under the lesson plans)

    If you would like us to reset the entire account, we can. Just give us a call. You would want to be sure to print out all of your child's records before we reset it though.

    Hope this helps.

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