Scheduling Below Grade Level?
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    Default Scheduling Below Grade Level?

    I have a special needs child and would like to start the year with a review of topics from last year. I know I have access to the year below the one currently assigned, but how do you incorporate that into the scheduling without changing the child's grade level?

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    Hello Candy,

    I have a daughter with special needs. What we do is we just repeat the lessons we need to repeat. I have not changed the grade level until she is ready to move up. If I have access to the grade level below, I just have her go into that grade level and do her lessons for that grade level. If we do not have access to it, then I request it. For example, I have her set up for 4th grade Language Arts. She has access to 3rd, 4th (default), and 5th. If I need her to go back and do the 3rd grade lessons, then I can just access that from her student page. However, if I need her to do 2nd grade work, then I need to change her grade level at least to 3rd grade so we can have access to a grade level below and a grade level above.

    If you're using the Scheduling tool, then it's my understanding you can only use it for one grade level at a time. We don't use the scheduling tool. It's easier for me to just assign the lessons myself for each week depending on her scores from her progress report, since it's so different for each subject, and it could vary from week to week.

    I hope that was not confusing.
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