screaming monkey issue in Grade 1 math
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    Default screaming monkey issue in Grade 1 math


    I need help with the 1st grade math. My autistic son refuses to do the 1st grade math lessons that has the screaming monkey congratulating. Our son gets really scared and will hold tightly to our hand if we force the issue and click on the mouse ourselves . We are now sure it is not the difficulty of the lesson since we always sit near him and guide him along, and secondly, my son's fear is really obvious - he covers his eyes and he holds on tight to our hands. This also happened this past summer in language arts kindergarten with the turtle character who has a somewhat low creepy voice. Is it possible in the future for the user to select a character that is more pleasant? or just replace the screaming monkey with a more pleasant character? We don't want his math lessons to be traumatic for him. Thanks so much for your understanding !.

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    i gotta tell you .... my daughter isn't austistic and that screaming monkey makes me wanna cry as i sit here with her!!!! most of the characters are cute, we like the girl DJ in language arts!
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    Oh Poor little guy!

    I wish we could update that right away for him. Unfortunately the developers have already made all the changes to the curriculum that they will be making for this year. They may also do some updates in January but that may or may not involve the math that your son is using.

    I will absolutely pass your request on to the developers. Apparently, that screaming monkey is causing headaches amongst the parents as well!

    Just a thought, maybe you could post this in the general parent forums too. Perhaps another parent has an idea that will help your son get through his lessons without being upset by the screaming.

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