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    Default Setting up assignments

    Im going to try to word this in a way that makes sense. I used the activity scheduler and I have printed it out for both of my children for the year. I can look at that and know what they need to do by each week so that is not what this question is about. When I visit the parent log in I can look at reports and then there is a section for assignments that looks like it should show what they are assigned to work on. When I click on help it shows a diagram of a student log in and it says that if there is wording in orange under a lesson then you have assignments that need completed in that category. What I want to know is how can I make those assignments. There are times Im helping my younger child and would like to have assignments in the program for my 5th grader to pick from those. This would also be helpful because I could assign them each week by pulling out my activity schedule and not have to recheck it so often. Im daily looking back at it to see how many things each one is suppose to cover this week and would love for this to work but I cant find a way to do it anywhere.

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    The Time4Learning program provides members with a full year’s worth of curriculum that is laid out in a suggested sequence with lessons building on each other. The program prompts your child to move from lesson to lesson marking them off as they are completed. Since the program is self-paced, you can decide how many lessons your child completes each day. The assignments function is used by teachers in schools and only allows them to assign one lesson at a time to their entire class. Since Time4Learning is a home-based curriculum, the assignments feature is not functional for home use.

    We are currently in the development phase of several new features, and are looking into ways that we can import some of activity scheduler information into the student login page. We do not have an ETA, but we are aware of the demand for it. In the meantime, we suggest printing out the weekly scheduler. Each activity is assigned a learning a learning activity number (LA#) which will be included on the generated schedule. The student can then type this LA# into the activity finder on your child’s launch page which will take them directly to the activity.

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