Skipping a section?
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    Default Skipping a section?

    I have chosen to let my daughter skip a section. She has taken the test and passed, but the arrow won't move on. Is there a way I can reset the arrow so that it is easier for her to keep up with where she is?

    BTW: We skipped the Roman numeral practice in 5th grade because I could not pass it. We would get stuck on one and had not way out or even to tell us what we were doing wrong. Very Frustrating.


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    Hi Cheri,

    The lessons are set in a recommend sequential order. Parents are allowed to skip around, however the arrow will not advance unless the section is completed. If the chapter has a chapter testand the test is completed at 100% then the chapter icon and all it's contents will mark off as completed and the arrow will advance. This does not work with section quizzes. If an activity is not exited out of out properly or finished in it’s entirety, it will result in the activity not marking as complete. While exiting procedures differ amongst activity types, please see our How to Exitsuggestions and examples.

    I hope this is of some help


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