some things are not posting in both 'work' and 'report' list
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    Default some things are not posting in both 'work' and 'report' list

    Hey, in looking at the 'work' and 'report' tabs in seeing what my dd has done, there are some things that are in the 'report' tab that are not in the 'work' tab.
    Now I understand that if something is not completed that it will not show up in the 'report' list.
    But this is different. For example here are the things that are showing up in 'report' but not in 'work' --

    Moon and Earth
    Objects in the Sky
    Magnets 20035
    Magnets & Poles 20036
    Sun, Earth, & Moon 20037
    Voyage to the Earth, Moon, & Sun 20038
    What's in the Sky? 20053
    What Lives in the Ocean? 20124
    Wetlands 20136

    I can work around it because I can put these in my planner anyway cause it does show the grade and time spent on each one.

    Just wanted yall to know this in case there is a problem.

    Oh yea, all these are dated for March 6.

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    On your recent work tab take a look at the sheet of paper on the right hand side of the assignments that are not marking off. If the paper is not completely filled with blue then the activity was either not completed or not exited correctly. The reports section will only average the grades of completed work.

    If an activity is not exited out of out properly or finished in its entirety, it will result in the activity not marking as complete.
    While exiting procedures differ amongst activity types, please see our How to Exit suggestions and examples.

    You may also want to login to your parent administration page and make sure that these activities are scored activities. The newly updated lessons plans available only in your parent login will tell you which lessons are scored and which lessons are not.

    Time4Learning Support

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