speaker/icon in lessons (particularly LA extensions)
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    Default speaker/icon in lessons (particularly LA extensions)

    I would like my student to be able to hear her lessons read to her in some subjects like LA or Social Studies.... there is an icon of a speaker in blue on the top long tab above a lesson, but nothing happens..... she is in 5th grade. Is this Peedy the Parrot? No icon for him materializes. I clicked on the giant target to see if we have sound which we do as her math lessons & other lessons are audible.

    Please help! Thanks so much! Julie

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    The speaker icon is for Peedy, but downloading the program it will cause Time4Learning to not run properly when accessed through Internet Explorer. Peedy is an older program that is no longer supported by Microsoft.

    If you are looking for a text to speech reader, you may want to try downloading Natural Readers. Natural Readers is an alternate text-to-speech recognition program. It works like Peedy the Parrot but actually reads ALL online text, not just certain sections – even emails. If it can be highlighted, Natural Readers can convert it to speech. It is a different program than Time4Learning, but it is compatible with our lessons. Natural Readers offers support through their own website.

    To download Natural Readers, visit our Text-to-Speech reader hints page and click the download option.

    To get started using your Natural Reader, follow the instructions below:

    1. Select the start option from the bottom of your menu screen.
    2. Select All Programs
    3. Select Natural Soft Programs
    4. Select Free Natural Readers
    5. Select Free NaturalReader 10 (the icon will be a blue box with a lightning bolt)
    6. Here you will find a description of your natural reader software
    7. Select the "Go to Miniboard" (this will put your command board in the upper right hand corner of your screen. It will also put an icon in the bottom left hand corner of your menu bar for easier access.
    8. Open the activity you want read and select the play option.

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