Suggestion for scheduling lessons
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    Default Suggestion for scheduling lessons

    I wonder if there isn't a way T4L could create a way for parents to be able to generate a schoolyear of work for a grade level (as an option of coursse) ? Basically the parent could type in the date range and the computer would generate a schedule of work for the student for each subject (in order) for the year.

    It sure would make life easier. Switched on Schoolhouse works this way.

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    Default Re: Suggestion for scheduling lessons

    It would make it a little easier. Even though I might not be right on schedule but it would let me know where I at for the year and much more I need to do before the school year ends.

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    Default Re: Suggestion for scheduling lessons

    Hi All,

    This is a great suggestion and we have thought of it and had it mentioned by our members before so we created the getting started guide to help members determine how many lesson to do a day. It does not electronically calculate daily lessons but it does give you around about number of weekly lessons to keep your schedule flexible.

    Hope this helps!


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    Default Re: Suggestion for scheduling lessons

    I too would like the ability to set the schedule on-line for my students. This way they would be able to log-in and get started while I'm at work in the morning without me needing to leave a post-it note with the daily plan.

    Also, I'd love to see a reports option under the Parent Login. Having only 2 kids, it isn't horribly time consuming to switch back and forth, but I imagine for others that have more kids it would be a hassle.

    So many smileys, so little time

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