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    Default supported browsers?

    The only browsers that will run on my kids (Linux) computers are midori, webkitgtk and opera. All 3 are fully capable of displaying the site and running the javascript and plugins, but the page's user agent checker code just flat refuses to even try on unlisted browsers instead of simply displaying a message that it _might_ not work. Who does one need to talk to in order to patch that code, since now it only supports ie and netscape (which indicates that it has been several years since that code was touched)? At a minimum Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera should be supported and it would be nice if some mobile browsers were supported (android, maxthon, dolphin, ios,...).

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    Time4Learning currently does not support Linux but there is an option available through a Firefox browser. Here is a Firefox
    user agent plugin to download. Once you have installed the plugin, be sure to select iPhone 3.0 from the menu. When the download is complete, try logging in again. If you are still receiving the same error, try restarting your computer. Please keep in mind this option may not work for all users.

    Thank You,
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