Is T4L compatible with the IPAD or any other tablet software?
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    Default Is T4L compatible with the IPAD or any other tablet software?

    Hi There - I would like to buy an IPad or another tablet to to T4L on when we are travelling. I tried to load up a T4L lesson at the store on a couple of tablets (IPad and Samsung), and neither worked. Is there a way around this? Many thanks in advance... Sara

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    Unfortunately, the Ipad is not flash compatible and Time4Learning requires a flash player to work properly.

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    Unfortunately, Time4Learning is not compatible with IPads, iIPhones, etc., because they do not support Flash which the majority of the activities were developed in.

    Do to the enormity of it, redoing the entire curriculum probably won't happen anytime soon. It would be better if the IPad could accept Flash, since that is a commonly used program. That being said, I have heard of a couple of apps that work with interactive Flash on the IPad. I cannot promise you that they will work with all or any of the lessons but it might be worth investigating.

    The first program is call iSwifter - The second is called Puffin -

    There is a cost for both, neither has been tested by Time4Learning, but it might be something to consider if you are wanting to use an IPad for Time4Learning.

    I hope you are able to find a solution. Let us know.

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