T4L has been going great until......plug ins not supported
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    Default T4L has been going great until......plug ins not supported

    We have been loving the lessons my son has been doing for the last couple months, but a few weeks ago a few of the lessons started showing "plug in not supported".

    Now, most of the lessons are showing this, so we are unable to use T4L.

    My computer auto-updated and is showing some changes, but unfortunately, Im am not technologically adept enough to figure out what went wrong. I checked my flashplayer, and made sure it was enabled, but still has not improved. Can anyone help this stone age mom?!

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    Flash is a base technology that we use for audio and visual effects. Sometimes computers need to update or reinstall their flash player. If you are unable to hear the lessons and/or are not able to see all graphics, most likely your flash/shockwave player needs to be updated.

    Click here for more information and/or to update your flash.

    Click here to update/install Shockwave Player.


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