T4L wants us to login to Compass Learning Odyssey
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    Default T4L wants us to login to Compass Learning Odyssey

    Every once in awhile, we get a screen that asks us to provide a username, a password, and select the school.

    Today, I got it twice when I clicked on My Portfolio/backpack.

    I just exited out of it, but what are we supposed to do?

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    Default Re: T4L wants us to login to Compass Learning Odyssey


    This is a cache issue and we suggest clearing your computers cache and rebooting your system,

    Your cache or browsing history is your computer’s way of tracking the history of sites you have visited online and acts as a memory. Sometimes the computer’s memory gets too full and will discontinue recognizing or differentiating between multiple log-ins and passwords. This means you need to clear your cache/delete the browsing history.

    If using Internet Explorer: If using Firefox Mozilla:

    Click on the Tools tab Click on Tools Tab
    Click on Internet Options Click on Privacy Tab
    Click on “Clear History” Click on Cache Tab and “Clear Cache Now”

    Note: Internet Explorer users can also use a shortcut to clear the cache on a given page they're on by holding down the Control key and F5 key together.

    Time4Learning Support
    [email protected]

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