A teacher by the name Ms. Jenny
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    Default A teacher by the name Ms. Jenny

    My older daughter was doing a writing assignment today and had someone by the name Ms. Jenny come on and said she was her teacher. She provided some help to my daughter. Is this something new or has it always been available and we are just now finding out about it? Has anyone else had this experiance?


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    Default odyssey writer teacher

    The odyssey writer is a feature that can, at first, be confusing. Currently, when handing in a writing assignment the system will ask who you want to hand the assignment in to. The list of teachers that appear are not actual teachers. They are the names your childs accounts were setup under. You can select any one of them to hand in the completed writing assignment.
    Because they are not actual teachers I am confused as to how your daughter received help from one of them.

    Last month we experimented with grading some of the writing assignments the children handed in. The experiment was completed a week ago and are no longer continuing the process. During the testing period we were commenting on students papers and issuing grades which could be reviewed in the reports section. However, if this happened yesterday it rules out the possibility of this being what she was referring to. If it happens again please send us details/explanation of what happened to [email protected] so we can look into it further.

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